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Which would you like?

1 year ago

  1. askphilososhy answered: Both ^^
  2. nonethedragon answered: ……both 0.0
  3. beeskeepony answered: Belly raspberries! <3 <3 <3
  4. ask-jake-k-gunnar answered: Grapes. They’re smaller and softer to fit in your mouth.
  5. xingdemon answered: both
  6. cmagen answered: All the above~
  7. stevebat answered: Both. But if push comes to shove, I will take the strawberries over the grapes any day.
  8. comet-crasher answered: Both? Both. Definately both.
  9. opticwuubz answered: IDC
  10. burningphoneix answered: Grape seeds annoy me so I’ll take strawberries please.
  11. maskedmadnessq answered: How about all of the above? Because you are looking sexy, Berry.
  12. richard-pony said: Both please!
  13. barerofinsanity answered: All of the above
  14. dickawesome answered: At the same time?
  15. anothertwilightsparkle said: Humina
  16. killergoonie answered: i’ll take both any day haha. :)
  17. askpinkiepegasus answered: both!!!!
  18. cheersmaxa answered: Both obviously! (If I had to pic one it would be strawberries)
  19. asksamtheman answered: Both have great flank, flavor! They’re both bouncy, I mean!…ah forget (puts on sunglasses) Dat flank.
  20. sirphilliam answered: I’m just good like that
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  22. doubleclickthepony answered: Both wins hooves down!
  23. 3lasticarts answered: both~ i like to see plot~
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