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((These are the new MLP trading cards from Enterplay, officially licenced by Hasbro themselves.

And… we now have Berry!

Her card reads:

"Some ponies say she’s a little overprotective of her loved ones, but hanging out with Berry Punch is always a good time! She sells a wide variety of drinks made from Berries and other fruit, and thanks to her love for her own recipies, Berry frequently slurps down all the profits. She’s very close to Minuette and likes to engage in a little friendly competition, like helping with the Running of the Leaves and winning the Sisterhooves Social!"

This makes alot now canon (as it is licenced by Hasbro):

  • Firstly her name!
  • Her overprotectiveness
  • Selling fruit based drinks (I always thought she had a wine shop…)
  • She’s profitable
  • "Close" to Minuette (Colgate)
  • Competitive/Athletic

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how canon this blog now is! I think they did a great job giving the fandom a nod without going too far.

Oh one last point, see on the back of her card there are 3 portraits of (I assume) the ponies she is closest to. Next to Colgate there’s a filly… is that Pinchy?))

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